Visitors to Lunghamer Buick GMC Inc. come with varied preferences when looking to purchase a used car, truck, or SUV. Some like style, others want performance, and now many look closer at a model's fuel economy. Buick and GMC produced numerous models known for their impressive miles per gallon capabilities. Would-be buyers may wish to search our inventory based on mpg criteria.

Buick and GMC and Fuel Efficiency

The term "fuel efficiency" could mean different things to various customers. However, few would argue that a model it gets more than 30 miles per gallon fits the description of fuel-efficient. The Buick Encore could get upwards of 31 mpg on the highway, and the GMC Terrain can get 30 mpg under similar driving conditions.

Our Waterford, MI inventory features other top-name brand models, as well. Buyers trade in their older models, allowing our team to offer those vehicles for sale. And yes, shoppers can also search for these models based on their mpg stats.

Searching the Inventory

Anyone interested in a fuel-efficient vehicle could contact our office and inquire, but it may be easier to run a search of our online inventory. Setting parameters on the search could include this thing the most fuel-efficient models and reading the results. Of course, it's also possible to narrow down the name brand models and years to further narrow the results.

Shoppers are encouraged to look over the features listed in the results. Feel free to contact our office with any questions about a model that appears interesting. Please note that the inventory changes, as other shoppers might make an offer on an available vehicle.

Test Driving a GMC or Buick Model

Find out how our used models handle on Waterford roads. Book a test drive today. Miles per gallon listings focus on highway, city, and hybrid driving experiences. Take the model on various streets and highways to see how things go.

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